Environment and Ecology PDF Notes for UPSE by Shankar IAS

Environment and Ecology PDF- Hello aspirants, Today we are sharing important Environment and Ecology PDF Notes for UPSE by Shankar IAS. Environment and Ecology Notes is very helpful for your upcoming UPSC Examination. This Environment and Ecology UPSC Notes will provide you a comprehensive knowledge about Environment Ecology and Climate Change that will help you for UPSC mains exam.

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Today we are going to share Environment and Ecology by Shankar IAS a very   important topic for the civil services examination preparation, specially from the perspective of prelims and this topic has actually emerged as one of the most important topic for the prelims examination. This Environment and Ecology Notes PDF is definitely small but its impact is vast, we are talking about Environment and Ecology for CSE.Now, since the paper is same the weight of Environmental Ecology topic has gone up and that is why this has became an important portion of the paper. We can basically see that in 2015 the number of questions were around 11 to 12 but from this small topic/chapter is actually very significant.

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Shankar IAS Environment PDF in Hindi

In syllabus it is clearly mentioned (1) Environmental Ecology (2) Bio-diversity and (3) Climate Change, but the scope of these topics are actually very vast and when we talk about vast, actually what all topics will be there on Environment and Ecology Notes for UPSC PDF 

  • Ecology: Its basically means the conceptual part of the ecology and there are definition based questions also. It something which is divided into two parts, first there are concept based questions so how we practically see this thing in the real world and second is definition aspect. So we have to be very comfortable with both the aspects.
  • Environmental Issues: It is related to anthropogenic factors that are in operation and there has been lot of debate and discussion about climate change, weather etc.
  • Bio-diversity: All those anthropogenic changes basically cause disruption and biodiversity, like Green revolution and we always feel that green revolution is very good but it has done what it has reduced the biodiversity part of our food (crops) etc.
  • Conservational Aspects: For example, lots of damage has been caused by various anthropogenic factors to the environment, climate, agriculture, soils entire system. So how and what we can do to conserve these things and when we talk about conservational aspects we not only consider flora we also consider fauna. So animal conservation or the plant conservation or the ecosystem conservation and every kind of conservation activities will come into picture.
  • Pollution and its impact: We are facing pollution on many levels, for example air pollution which is evident, soil pollution, river or water pollution. So, what all types of pollution its impact and what’s happening in the current scenario.
  • Climate Change: There is a lot of responsibility on the developing and developed nations that how to reverse process of climate change, reduce the emission of gases etc.
  • and last but not least is the Bio-sphere and Biome.

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